"Thicko" is not a synonym for "Dyslexic"

I was the 73091st person to pledge to Stamp Out Stigma.

If you've not already joined the campaign to try to remove the use of offensive language when referring to people who have mental illnesses and/or learning disabilities, why not have a look at the site & think about signing up? Possibly I am the last person in the world to become aware of the campaign, but, you know, Just In Case...

I firmly believe that individuals have the right to talk about themselves in any terms they might wish to use & am all for people reclaiming pejorative words (fr'example people choosing to self-define as queer) but that's a world apart from general use of offensive terms. We're not talking about Political Correctness Gone Mad, just treating people with respect & dignity. Not such a huge thing to ask, is it?

My brother just woke me up. And did not get thumped. Why?

...actually, I was half in-out of sleep. Having a bad dream, so him waking me was quite a good thing in & of itself. It was just before I was going to get up, having allotted myself a lie-in after watching the clock ticking relentlessly on until sometime after four and then getting only shards of fractured sleep.

For a minute, I thought something awful had happened, because he sounded... odd. Had something serious to tell me & wanted to let me know asap but was v sorry for waking me up.

His news had me leap out of my bed and hug him (which is, I think, Adult Life Hug Number 5, to give you idea of Incredible Awesomeness of This News) like a hyperactive velcro-monkey

glitter - http://www.sparklee.com

I am so SO pleased-and-proud. I was telling him only last night that he is Made Of Win & The Universe needed to Hurry Up And Recognise This RIGHTNOWIMMEDIATELYATONCE.

[LENGTHY PAUSE: features More Excitment, Bean, & a dalmation...]

This makes him in the most ridiculously TINY minority at Oxford - he is, I think, now half of the new-university-PhD academics at Wolfson. And one of something absurd like one of 50 in the university as a whole.

This is the sort of Win For Which There Are No Words. So I shall settle for Excited Flailing and Gleeful Leaping instead...

Our way is clear as we march on...

So it's Thinking Day again. It was decided at the 4th meeting of WAGGGS' precursor, The International Council (founded 1919) that on the 22nd of February each year there was to be a celebration of Guiding and Girl Scouting - this is thus our 83rd World Thinking Day. These days there are 10 million Guides & Girl Scouts in 145 countries worldwide who'll be thinking of each other today. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that I'm part of something so big, something I believe in so much, though I can never seem to find The Right Words.

Lord & Lady Baden-Powell

At the 7th World Conference (1932) it was decided to ask those girls who were able to to donate a penny to give The Game to children who have not yet had the chance of enjoying it as we have. In 1933 it began and has evolved ever since. This year, rather than donating to the World Thinking Day Fund my Brownie Unit will be sending their Thinking Day "pennies" to the Scouts et Guides de France's Haiti Fund, because the Brownies have been desperate to Do Something To HELP.

Lady Baden-Powell's letter asking for donations to the fund is included below, though I'm afraid it's not terribly legible:
TD pennies letter

There are times when People & Politics may drive me mad, but Guiding itself, that I believe in completely. I believe in the ideas contained in the Promise and the Law. I believe in helping the girls and young women I work with to fulfill their potential.

Guiding has given me some of my very best friends. It's given me confidence and laughter and Skills For Life. It's given me a set of standards to live by and ideals to live up to. Guiding has given an incredible amount to girls and young women all over the world for 100 years now - here's to the next 100: Happy Thinking Day, everyone.

TD card 1935

Well, um, intersting?

On the twelfth day of Christmas, xanantha sent to me...
Twelve dawn9163s drumming
Eleven davidbriders piping
Ten donna_ks a-leaping
Nine guides guiding
Eight rainbows a-reading
Seven brownies a-writing
Six languages a-procrastinating
Five bo-o-o-ooks
Four wagggs
Three campfires
Two shiny things
...and a theatre in a poetry.
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